Be Brave: An Open Letter to Her of BGSU

Contemplating writing this post, I decided to track down the original Facebook post that began the uproar that has put Bowling Green State University in the headlines over the past few days. I had heard most of the second-hand information splattered across social media platforms, and I believed that I knew what this post’s main topic would be on.

I had heard multiple people dismissing this case as “she didn’t want to take this farther,” and “she asked the University not to investigate.” I figured I would be writing a post on being brave. On sacrificing a slammed door to the incident for the sake of the rest of the female community as a whole. I figured this girl took the route I was so tempted to take. Declining an investigation allows for what happened to be put aside, it allows for the mirage of it never actually happening. I wouldn’t have blamed her if this had been the case. But it wasn’t.

The only reason she stopped fighting was because the university never began fighting for her in the first place. Yes, there are legalities and processes and other such things that I could not pretend to understand, but how hard would it be to say “I believe you. I am sorry this happened to you. Let’s work together to make sure this never happens again.” Sexual Assault victims are not looking for personal gain. They are looking for hope and security that what happened to them might not happen to others.

That is my message to you, friend. Tragedy brings a feeling of hopelessness that is seemingly impossible to fall away from. Hurting the person who hurt you will not free you from despair. Revenge is as useful as it is sweet. It is not. Fight not for justice, but for the abolition of what is happening around us in this world. I chose to pursue prosecution of my attackers because I wanted to show others that treating another human being as they did is not acceptable in today’s world. I chose to instigate due to a hope that I could play a small role in making the world a better place.

Be Brave.


Make Sure The World Knows This Isn’t Okay.


Small Victory

What is a small victory?

Victory. We find one’s victories to often amount to their value and perceived success in life. We define the words used in daily language in the actions we take while speaking them to others. We define words in the tone found in our vocal chords as we speak. We define words in the way a person is perceived who can be described using such word.

This ability is a power that few have discovered. And even fewer have chosen to act on given power. Words are nothing more than sound, echoing around the room in which we speak them. What the room is conceived of is also in our realm of choice. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it truly make a sound? If a person speaks powerfully, yet no soul is stirred, have they even uttered a word?

Victory. It is only what we make it. What the individual makes it. There is no victorious committee. No person to set rule, no person to give value to an achievement. The value given to a personal victory directly corresponds to the image we have of ourselves. To value us is to value our doings. Coming back to the question, what is a small victory? It is what an individual decides is a small victory.