Personality Finders

  Personality Finders For my entrepreneurship class I really enjoy tests like Meyers-Briggs, Strengthsfinders, TrueColors, and Enneagram. Every person learns differently and has different ways of taking on a project or challenge. When a person discovers how they work best, they are able to be more efficient in their work. Strength-finding tests are important for … Continue reading Personality Finders

Leadership Philosophy

Just as one without wings cannot be trusted upon to teach flight, a leader without values and a life to reflect said values cannot be trusted to guide. A leader leaves room with others feeling valued and respected, and finds joy in other’s success. Continue reading Leadership Philosophy

To My Band,

Victory. What is victory? We find one’s victories to often amount to their value and perceived success in life. We define the words used in daily language in the actions we take while speaking them to others. We define words in the tone found in our vocal chords as we speak. We define words by … Continue reading To My Band,