Authenticity. Synonyms that pop into my head: true, real, genuine. I believe living an authentic life means knowing yourself, your values, and living in a way of honor. Authenticity is living life in accordance with one’s soul. It is a way to experience a life full of joy, passion, and wonderment. Authenticity is finding joy … Continue reading Authenticity

Societal Habits and Globalization: Change the World

Binding friendships are needed to change societal habits, and it is not easy to become invested in lives thousands of miles away from one’s own life. Change does not occur because at once, everyone suddenly decides to face the same direction. Change relies on social patterns that begin as friendship. The answer to the question is “slowly”. Humans must begin to learn to focus on what binds them together rather than the geographic entities that separate. Continue reading Societal Habits and Globalization: Change the World