Leadership Philosophy

Just as one without wings cannot be trusted upon to teach flight, a leader without values and a life to reflect said values cannot be trusted to guide. A leader leaves room with others feeling valued and respected, and finds joy in other’s success. Continue reading Leadership Philosophy



“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert Where is the line between loving yourself for who you are and changing for the better? Who gets to decide what flaws and quirks are acceptable to live with and which must be chiseled away as they add imperfections to the sculpture of our soul? This … Continue reading Form


Authenticity. Synonyms that pop into my head: true, real, genuine. I believe living an authentic life means knowing yourself, your values, and living in a way of honor. Authenticity is living life in accordance with one’s soul. It is a way to experience a life full of joy, passion, and wonderment. Authenticity is finding joy … Continue reading Authenticity

Small Victory

What is a small victory? Victory. We find one’s victories to often amount to their value and perceived success in life. We define the words used in daily language in the actions we take while speaking them to others. We define words in the tone found in our vocal chords as we speak. We define … Continue reading Small Victory