Honestly, This Summer

Something that has been on my heart for the past half-decade is finally come to fruition and I am so excited. This summer I was be a pastoral intern with the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. As a youth delegate for the conference while in high school, past interns made a huge … Continue reading Honestly, This Summer

Over Wildflowers

I feel as if I have taken four steps backwards this week in my ability to be content while being alone. I am not sure why this is, it honestly came out of seemingly nowhere. It may be because of seeing all my BGSU friends leaving for the summer, or because this weekend has reminded … Continue reading Over Wildflowers


Before being introduced to the world of entrepreneurship my definition of creativity was what artists did. Creativity was reserved for those who could turn a blank canvas into an object worthy of an intense emotional response. Oh, how foolishly incorrect I was! Creativity, as cheesy as this sounds, is a way of life. It is … Continue reading Creativity

Does America have enough dogs for all the people who want one? -Response

Original Article Here Dear Kim, I am so glad that the Washington Post published this article! As someone who shows, owns, and trains responsibly-bred dogs, it is refreshing to see any media piece that does not blindly follow the “Adopt Don’t Shop” (ADS) trend. I agree that statistics from organizations who push ADS like the … Continue reading Does America have enough dogs for all the people who want one? -Response


“Right” & “Left” are used to describe one’s political leanings, not their stance on whom within our species may be titled as a human being.  So call racism as it is. Call social justice as it is. And above all, call out hate disguised as politics as it is.  There is hate on both sides … Continue reading Hatred


Perspective is reality. The way one writes is one way that they communicate with the world around them. Very few professionals will take another professional within their field seriously if they do not communicate in a way that portrays intelligence whether said intelligence is there or not.  Writing is an important aspect in all areas … Continue reading Words