To My Band,

Victory. What is victory? We find one’s victories to often amount to their value and perceived success in life. We define the words used in daily language in the actions we take while speaking them to others. We define words in the tone found in our vocal chords as we speak. We define words by the person who can be described using such word. We have the power to define. This ability is a power that few have discovered. And even fewer have chosen to act on given power. Words are nothing more than sound, echoing around the room in which we speak them. What the room is conceived of is also in our realm of choice. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it truly make a sound? If a person speaks powerfully, yet no soul is stirred, have they even uttered a word? Victory. It is only what we make it. What the individual makes it. There is no victorious committee. No person to set rule, no person to give value to an achievement. The value given to a personal victory directly corresponds to the image we have of ourselves. To value us is to value our doings. Coming back to the question, what is a victory? It is what an individual decides is a victory.

I hope that with all my heart, each and every one of you had a season full of small victories. I hope that each and every one of you look back at what we achieved this year as a victory. If nothing else, I believe each and every one of us grew as a person, discovered things about our character, and persevered through tough situations we didn’t know if we would get through. And that my friends, is a victory.

            Band is not the meaning of life. Surprise. I know. But the things that we have learned in the past season and years prior is the meaning of life. You will walk off the field for the last time with skills and experiences that is impossible find any other place on the Earth. The dynamics of this vibrant group of students is unlike any other group that you could be a part of at your age. Sometimes the only connection we have with our neighbor is a love for music, and luckily, that seems to be just enough to hold us together. The glue that is nothing more than vibrations of metal and air, is just enough to inspire a work ethic like none other. Band is just enough to allow us to find our own personal victories within the family that we call band. Stay victorious fam, I’m rooting for you.

Your DM,