Perspective is reality. The way one writes is one way that they communicate with the world around them. Very few professionals will take another professional within their field seriously if they do not communicate in a way that portrays intelligence whether said intelligence is there or not. 
Writing is an important aspect in all areas of life.In leadership, writing is often overlooked when searching for what makes a particular leader successful in their cause. The art and craftsmanship of a well written speech can move mountains, a powerful call to action can create major social reform. As a nonprofitess (a woman within the nonprofit sector), the importance of knowing proper protocol when it comes to professional writing can be a matter of life or death for the people one serves. Grant holders, possible sponsors a volunteers may be a perfect match for an organization’s cause, but without the proper knowledge and communication being transferred, they may never get involved or pass by an invitation. This is why “a (wo)man is only as good as his(her) word.”


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