Word Ponders

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Where is the line between loving yourself for who you are and changing for the better? Who gets to decide what flaws and quirks are acceptable to live with and which must be chiseled away as they add imperfections to the sculpture of our soul? This thought is something that is often not pondered yet is of utmost importance. The easy answer would be “Answer to only yourself. Stay to true your heart and values. That shall bring you to the correct path.” This is utterly false. Dangerous even. Society has imprinted upon our soul, has twisted our values for better or for worse, has skewed our image of what is acceptable. Because of this not even our inner thoughts can be relied on. As I realize this, I believe I have discovered what the frame of acceptable behavior may be based upon. To have flaws is to be human. To work towards Christ is to be holy. He is the measuring point. Using anything else will cause a soul to attempt to belong in a way that is only unnatural. To attempt to fit a square block in a round hole.


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